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Moving from China to South Korea? Shipping Furniture & Personal Effects to Korea?
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South Korea – officially known as the Republic of Korea – is a sovereign state in East Asia making up the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula.

Around half of South Korea’s population resides in the region surrounding its capital: the Seoul Capital Area, the second largest in the world with more than 25 million residents.

Ranked second in Asia on the Democracy Index, South Koreans have high civil liberties and live in one of the most developed democracies in the world. South Korea is also East Asia’s highest ranked developed country according to the Human Development Index.

The country boasts the eighth highest household income on the planet and has some of the highest quality education and healthcare. It’s also the world’s highest research and development intensive country and has the fastest internet connectivity speed.

When it comes to moving to South Korea, there is a process that is long established and RapidWorld is able to help you resolve any issues. From arranging visas, finding properties and school places, to helping you decide what to take, packing it and shipping it to your new home, you won’t be alone. Our services cover whole China span including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guilin, Guiyang, Xiamen, Jinan, Nanchang, Changchun, Harbin, etc. We can move you to everywhere in South Korea including Busan, Seoul, Incheon, etc. Here below are some important information regarding moving personal used household goods and effects to South Korea. Please feel free to contact us should you have any question.

In recent years, Busan or Incheon have been the preferred Customs Houses due to work force and ease of access. Korean Customs has opened a new Customs House in Daejeon, which is in a mid-location on the Korean Peninsula. The Korean Government would like to see an increase in the use of this newly opened location. Therefore, Daejeon may become an option on future shipments to Korea.Final designated destination cities for delivery will be the Customs Houses of either Busan, Daejeon, Incheon or Seoul.
 1. Seoul Customs (located in Singal, Yongin):Residence in Seoul, Anyang, Suwon, Bundang, Southeastern area of Seoul Suburb and Gangwon Province via POE Busan.
 2. Incheon Customs:Residence in Incheon, Bucheon, Ansan, Kimpo, Koyang, Paju, Munsan, Northwestern area of Seoul suburb via POE Busan/IncheonShipment via POE Incheon with exception of delivery to Daejoeon, Chungchung Province, Kwangju & Jeola Province.
 3. Daejeon Customs:Residence in Daejoeon, Chungchung Province, Kwangju & Jeola Province via POE BUSAN/INCHEON
 4. Busan Customs:Residence in Busan and suburb area and Gyungnam Province.

The following is not permitted into South Korea and if included in shipments will result in seizure of all prohibited items and possible legal penalties against the shipper:
 • Drugs.• Firearms (can only be imported with a special permit from the proper Korean authority).• Ammunition.• Pornographic material.• Imitation of bank notes and coins. 

·      Passport Copy (Identification & Entry Stamp) from Client and accompanying family members.
·      Work visa, valid at least one year
·      Certificate of Alien Registration (=Residence Card) from Client and accompanying family members, which can be obtained from Immigration Office in Korea.

·      Passport identity page copy of the shipper and accompanying family members
·      Work/residence visa or other proofs can certify the shipper has been living in the origin country for at least one year before moving back to South Korea
·      Passport identity page copy
·      Application from Foreign Affair Ministry of Korea for duty free import
Customs clearance times

Air ShipmentsSurface Shipment (FCL)Surface Shipment (LCL)
5-7 working days5-7 working days7-10 working days

Above times are estimates only and on the basis that all required documents are available and in order. Actual time for customs clearance may be subject to change. For more information please contact destination office.

Customs and quarantine procedures 

In order to clear the customs with import duties exempted, shipments must arrive at ports in Korea within 6 months of the owner’s arrival. Clearance is supposed to take place at a bonded warehouse. Personal effects cannot be customs cleared prior to the shipper’s arrival. Therefore, goods need to be held at origin country if you don’t leave the origin country for South Korea directly. Especially when you move from somewhere closer such as Japan, China, Southeast Asian countries or west coast of US & Canada.  All incoming shipments excluding diplomatic are subject to open inspection by Korean Customs Authority. Items subject to duties:• New furniture 22.5% – 54.8%• New Carpet: 24.3%• All brand new electrical items (including items used less than 6 months) 20% of Customs assessed value• Tobacco products• Used or new automobiles, boats, aircrafts, motorcycles• Jewels,
• Upright piano (free if over 6 months old): 20%• Grand piano (free if over 6 months old for piano major diploma holder): 20%• TV over 50” or a second TV over (29” – 49”)• Second and next golf club: 8%• Second and next ski : 20%• Air cleaner: 20%

Above times are estimates only and on the basis that all required documents are available and in order. Actual time for customs clearance may be subject to change.  For more information please contact RapidWorld.

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