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Moving from China to Israel? Shipping Furniture & Personal Effects from China to Israel?
RapidWorld Relocations is a leading international moving company in China with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. 

Moving from China to Israel? Shipping Furniture & Personal Effects? 

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RapidWorld offers international moving services from everywhere in mainland China to Israel. We do move from Hangzhou to Israel, move from Suzhou to Israel, move from Nanjing to Israel, move from Beijing to Israel, move from Tianjin to Israel, move from Shanghai to Israel, move from Guangzhou to Israel, move from Shenzhen to Israel, move from Dalian to Israel, move from Qingdao to Israel, move from Jinan to Israel, move from Xiamen to Israel, move from Chengdu to Israel, move from Chongqing to Israel.

Required Documents:– Passports – of client and all family members- B-1 Visa – stamped in Passport & 3rd Party Guaranty from Employer- A-3 Visa – individuals with religious status, (priests, theological students, ministers etc.)- A-3 Visa holders must pay a bank deposit which will returned upon end of service/mission when goods are exported- Residence Visa- Proof of Residence – (legally stamped) Lease/rental contract – one year minimum, contract must specify if residence is furnished including appliances as Customs will not allow duplicate items to be duty-free- New Immigrant Booklet “Teudat Oleh”- Israeli Identity card – divorce papers or death certificates if applicable- OBL/AWB – original- Packing List – in English without values from Origin Agent- Comprehensive Valued Inventory – in Hebrew, state make, model, serial number, manufacturer’s name for appliances/electronics. State sizes for rugs & drapes, itemize cutlery & dinnerware- Power of Attorney – prepared & signed for Customs at Destination Agent office- Authorization Letter– giving authority for Destination Agent to clear shipment- Letter from Employer – or proof of employment/work contract- Customs Bond & Customs Declaration Forms- Insurance Certificate- Bank Deposit/3rd party guaranty –applies to foreign workers/B-1Visa holders; typically deposited by the client’s employer in the amount of the duties that would have been levied. Renewed annually and can be revoked when the goods are exported out of Israel. Other port charges such as NVOCC handling charges, cargo terminal charges and wharfage are not covered
Returning Citizens: additional documents– Students must have Passport stamped by Customs- Customs Broker Authorization – obtained from Destination Agent- Customs Declaration – obtained from Destination Agent- Proof of Residence – in Israel 
NOTE: All printed materials, books, pictures, records, CD’s, DVD’s, films, tapes, slides, software, etc are subject to censorship and confiscation. They must be packed separately and clearly noted on the inventory list. Do not mix these items with other personal effects and household goods.
 – Inheritance – requires a Customs inspection and the below documentation1. Original Will & Testament naming recipient as beneficiary2. Death Certificate & Reduced taxes to be paid- Firearms – small arms caliber allowed, require permission from Israeli Police & Ministry of Interior- Foodstuffs – 15kgs per person duty-free, in excess is subject to duties- Electrical appliances – one of each allowed- Carpets, curtains, wallpapers, fabrics – state size & price per item- Sporting equipment & outdoor furniture & musical instruments- New items – requires invoices/receipts- Cordless phones and fax machines – require permit Ministry of Telecommunications- Computers, answering machines, car radios, infant seats, electric lawn mowers, CD players or turntables (only if both are imported)- Alcohol- Tobacco – 250 cigarettes or 250 grams of loose tobacco, in excess of these amounts incurs duty

– Narcotics/illegal drugs of any kind & dangerous chemicals
– Pornography and subversive materials
– Explosives, ammunitions and weapons of any kind including tear gas
– Seeds, saplings and any live plant matter
– BBQ grills, electric bicycles/scooters, outdoor furniture 

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