Moving Guide: Move from China to Switzerland

Shipping Furniture from China to Switzerland, Moving Personal Effects from China to Switzerland
RapidWorld Relocations (RWR) has been offering professional removal services in China since 2006. With more than 14 years of experience, we have grown a mature operational system packing and protectiong your valuable belongings. We have also built a network with global quality partners to ensure smooth door to door moving services from China to the rest of the world. 

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We have been conducting international moves from China to Switzerland for many years. If you are moving from China to Switzerland, you need to look for a professional international movers in China like RapidWorld Relocations. We know how to manage your move to Switzerland smooth and successful. 

Key points to know: 

1. Switzerland is a landlocked country. Therefore, sea shipments enter Europe from Rotterdam, Antwerp or even German ports. This involves a long distance trucking from these countries to Switzerland. How would a moving company transfer your goods from these countries to Switzerland? this is a critical question to ask and you must ask. The safest way is to use a container trailer and haul the container directly from sea ports to Switzerland, without off-loading the boxes and transfering them to a trans-Europe truck – these trucks are usually super large and you would basically share the trucks with a lot of other goods. This also means, these trucks will have many stops from the North to the South in order to leverage the transportation costs.  In addition to the safety concern, the logistics lead time is also harder to manage for a co-load truck. So when you compare the quotations from different moving companies, ask those low bidders this question and you may find out why they are cheaper.  Of course, if you are not moving with large amount of furniture, and don’t care too much about the time, using a co-load truck for the trans-Europe part of the move could be a cost-saving solution for you. 

2. Due to the fact that you may share a truck from Rotterdam to Switzerland with other goods. It might be a good idea to share the container from Shanghai to Rotterdam as well. It would also reduce the moving costs for you.

3. Normal transport time from China to Switzerland would take approx 10 weeks. Sharing container shipments would take 4-8 weeks longer. 

4. Paperwork for customs clearance is not complicated. Only thing might be a problem is that if you are not a Swiss citizen, you would need to find a residence and get yourself registered in the nearest townhall before the container reaches Rotterdam/Antwerp/Hamburg. 

RapidWorld offers international moving services from everywhere in mainland China to Switzerland. We do move from Hangzhou to Switzerland, move from Suzhou to Switzerland, move from Nanjing to Switzerland, move from Beijing to Switzerland, move from Tianjin to Switzerland, move from Shanghai to Switzerland, move from Guangzhou to Switzerland, move from Shenzhen to Switzerland, move from Dalian to Switzerland, move from Qingdao to Switzerland, move from Jinan to Switzerland, move from Xiamen to Switzerland, move from Chengdu to Switzerland, move from Chongqing to Switzerland.

RapidWorld Relocations is a leading international moving company in China with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. 

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