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As a leading international moving company in China and its more than 15 years experience in international moving business, RapidWorld Relocations knows how to pack and minimize the chances of damage to your belongings. However, given the nature of the business, loss or damage to your belongings may happen during the transit despite our best efforts and care. RapidWorld, with our own understanding of this business, tailor-designed and offer you this “ALL RISK” moving protection program – “RapidWorldCare” with excellent protection terms and best tariff in this market.

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“ALL RISK” Insurance Coverage

We have been able to negotiated a more extensive coverage through our underwriters. This enables that our “ALL RISK” also include “War Risk” , strikes, riots and civil commotion, and 60 days storage insurance at origin and/or destination (insurance premium for 60 days storage, not the storage fee for 60 days).  All insurance coverage is door to door. RapidWorld does not self insure any shipment that we handle. We strongly recommend you to fully protect your entire shipment by taking our insurance program. Insuring your shipment will not only compensate you in the event of loss or damage, but will also provide you with total peace of mind.


We offer you two methods of taking out insurance.

“FULL VALUED INVENTORY” – to use this method, you will need to make a full inventory of your shipment and value all of them at replacement costs. The total amount of the replacement costs will be the coverage.

“LUMP SUM” – the easier method is to insure your entire shipment under the “lump sum” basis at USD 2,300.00 per cubic meter or USD 10.00 per pound. However you still need to make an inventory of high value items (valued over USD 1,000.00 or equavalent in other currency) and the value of which will need to be added on top of the lump sum basis to form the total coverage amount.


In the unfortunate event of a claim, RapidWorld and our insurance administrator will help you throughout the process. You will need to file your claim online and you maybe requested to produce documented quotations from repairers or suppliers to substantiate your claim. You should also take photographs of the damage to assist with your claim.

Please contact your sales consultant for insurance application form and terms & conditions. 

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FAQs about Insurance

A: RapidWorld does not self insure any shipment/move we handle, therefore your shipment will NOT be insured unless you take insurance with us. In the event of an uninsured shipment/move, our liability is limited to RMB 500 for all/any damage. In the event of total loss, you might be able to receive a very minimal reimbursement from the shipping company through their co-insurance.

A: On the claim form, you will need to make a valued inventory of all the damaged/lost items based on their replacement value in the new city/country. They will be settled for repair, replace or reimburse at a cost that is not higher than the one you give and is not higher than USD 500 if a high valued items inventory is not given completing the insurance application form.

A: Putting your belongings into a warehouse is added risk. The longer you put them in a warehouse, the more risk our underwriters will need to undertake. We understand that storage sometimes is unavoidable when it comes to an international move, hence we provide you with reasonable flexibility to include 90 days storage at origin and/or destination in an approved warehouse. If the shipment will be in storage for an additional period of time, supplemental insurance must be requested in writing and the additional premium paid.

A: This progrom does not cover damage of any form to the items that are packed by owner(s). Therefore we strongly suggest you not to self pack any items. If you indeed want to pack some of your items, please not to seal the cartons until they are inspected by our professional packers on the date of pickup.

A: Purchasing invoices or receipts are NOT required for low value items. For high value items or unique products, you do need to provide supporting documents to substantiate your claim. The supporting documents can be purchasing invoices or receipts, it can also be a quote from the repairer or the store that the damaged item is originally made. A survey maybe requested for a high value claim.

A: Please note that jewelry, luxury watches, gem stones, cash, currency or bank notes, deeds, travelers cheques, coin or stamp collections, alcoholic beverages, negotiable items, contraband or other like items are NOT covered by this program.

A: In the event of a full unpacking delivery, damages report are taken on site by the delivery crew and office staff will contact you once they get notified. In the event of partial unpacking or no unpacking, you have 45 days to file a claim after the delivery.