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Preparation is always the most important factor for a successful move. Given the fact that office moves are usually very sizable, preparation is even more crucial to office moves than to household moves. In addition, the complication of re-organizing each department into a different layout to its desired state and working under deadlines are also added pressure. Not to mention other possible logistics challenges such as road access, parking facilities for trucks, lifts availability, items to be carried by stairs, and furniture to be dismantled & re-assembled.
No worries. RapidWorld are well equipped to help you with a good start and we will finally get you there safe and sound.
Your dedicated RapidWorld office removal project manager will be your contact point organizing below activities:
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Walk through your office areas with the project manager and point out all the furniture, office supplies, IT equipment, special tools, lab equipment that you want to include in the move.
A detailed quotation with services inclusions/exclusions clearly stated will be presented to you within 48 hours of the survey.
**notify us if there are any hazardous products, raw materials or heavy machines to be involved in the move so that special care can be prepared。


For an office move to be a success, it is crucial that each party involved in the move works in sync. The briefing & training section is designed for this purpose.  
During the briefing and training process, our office removal project manager will brief your staff on the time schedule as well as on everyone’s responsibility so everyone is aware of the next step and knows what to expect.
In addition, the project manager will also coach your staff how to pack their own items and how to label the boxes. 
Part of the management of your office move will be in the creation of an efficient labeling system between your old office and the new one.
In cooperation with our operations department and your representatives, our office removal project manager will design and present you a labeling system. This system will be clear, easy to use and able to save time in the logistics between the two offices.
70% of your office move will happen over the weekend. This means that 30% of it should be handled before the weekend. Before the moving dates, RapidWorld will prepare the new office, pre-deliver some boxes and start to pack and organize all the items that are not used by your staff on a day-to-day basis (storage, extra stationery, documents, etc.). One day before the moving dates, your staff will need to pack their own items and correctly label them in accordance with the briefing and training. 


Here at RapidWorld, we propose the best all-risks coverage for office removals.
Before the move, your project manager will help you to list all the items that will be included in the removal into the insurance inventory form along with their replacement value.
**RapidWorld’s liability will be limited to RMB 500 for all/any damage in the event that you choose not to have the move insured.
Now, with all the thorough preparation listed above, we are ready to go.
During the move dates, RapidWorld operations team will pack the rest of your furniture, office supplies, IT equipment, pantry, files etc. Move all of them over to the other end, providing necessary re-assembly services, set up and unpacking. What your employees need to do when they are back for work on Monday would be just to open their own boxes and they are ready to be productive as always.
**you need to leave at least one day in between the move and Monday to set up and test the IT equipment, especially the server.

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