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Shanghai Movers, Moving Personal Cars from ChinaRapidWorld Relocations is a professional moving company offering international moving services as well as domestic moving services. Besides normal household goods and personal effects, we are also able to move personal used vehicles from China to another country.

We move everything you can think of in a normal house!!!

We helped Mr. Johnson moved his CJ sidecar from Shanghai to Cleveland, OH, US. He had a 40ft container worth of household furniture and personal effects. We managed to fill that container with this big toy!

It is not that complicated if you ship this thing with other household goods. They can all be declared and shipped as “used household goods”. You only need to provide 

1. Purchasing invoice of your motor vehicle;
2. Make, year of the product
3. Registration in China (for more than 6 months for duty exemption in destination country)

Most of the countries in the world accept shipping motor vehicles as part of the removal. If you have any question concerning the paperwork and quote, please contact one of our sales consultants by calling +86-21-5443-6852.

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