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Whether you are moving to another country, to another city or to another compound, moving into a new home is always an exciting experience for the whole family.
In order for a successful move, you need to give yourself a certain amount of time to prepare and choose a reliable moving company. The typical preparation time for an international or a domestic move is one month and for a local move you can lessen that to a couple of weeks. However you need to kick the ball rolling at least 2 months ahead if your expected move date is in June, July or December, regardless of the move type. These months are the so-called
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July in order for the kids to get the admission of their desired schools while not to interrupt their current studies, and not to mention that they want to get facilitated in the new location as early as possible before the new semester begins. December season is very obvious being the festive month. With these being said, you may want to avoid moving locally during these seasons because moving companies are intended to inflate the prices because labors at that time are very valuable and moving locally are usually personal sponsored so can be postponed.

A successful move must have below factors:

– Good communications: you are well consulted, informed, feedbacked with proactive customer services throughout the whole process.
**note: Language skills are also crucial, what you can expect from a company does not pay enough to hire good English speakers?
– Customized plan/solution and concise execution: the move plan is arranged in accordance with your other schedules and it is concisely executed as planned
**note: shipping delays or longer customs clearance requirement sometimes are unavoidable, therefore no companies can guarantee date of delivery. We suggest you give it a little bit flexibility when you schedule other activities.
– Packing & Unpacking skills and knowledge: boxes need to be clearly labelled, correctly positioned in the container/truck. Best suitable materials to be used depending on the destination and climate of both ends.
– Reasonable insurance plan: the world we are living in is now becoming more and more difficult. Chances of wars, labor strikes, extreme weather are getting higher. A customized insurance plan can give you peace of mind.
– Prices: although in the end what you are looking for is the price value but a reasonable price in the first place and keeping the same amount as the final charge are important. **note: additional costs may rise in the event of an overflow on the volume, bad communications on services expectations/requirements, unforeseen destination property condition. In order for us to get a closest possible estimate, please allow us at least one hour for the pre-move survey and at least 30 minutes solely on the volume assessment if you move houses.
These factors surely should be the parameters you need to thoroughly consider when you filter this market for a good moving company. At RapidWorld, we understand how to perform a good move and we hire good people to fulfill it.

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