Wuxi Movers, Shipping Furniture & Personal Items from Wuxi, China to Estonia

RapidWorld Relocations (RWR) is a professional moving company based in China with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. We offer international moving services as well as domestic moving and storage services. 

Located in the Yangtze River Delta area, Wuxi was once very attractive for foreign investors. Therefore, there are quite a lot of foreign companies in Wuxi and its satellite cities such as Jiangyin. There are also many Chinese manufacturers established their factories in Wuxi and contribute quite a large number of export volume to China’s economy.

Mr. M.S. works for a Chinese heavy machinery company for many years and he decided it is about time to go back to Estonia. 

He has quite a lot kitchenware, glassware and chinaware (more than 200 pieces). We helped them to pack these fragile goods with very good care. It turned out in the end that none of these belongings got damaged. They also had some Chinese antique looking furniture. No damage happened to these things either. 

Please take a look at our onsite packing photos. 

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