2020.01.20 Nanjing Movers, Moving to Den Haag, The Netherlands

Shipping personal belongings from Nanjing to another country is not as hard as you may think. You may know that Nanjing is a low water port so guessing the container would be on board at Nanjing terminal? Well, that is a way of doing it but not a good one. RapidWorld moving services transport your goods to Shanghai and they would be loaded on board of a shipping vessel in Shanghai. 

There are a number of reasons:

1. Nanjing port is a smaller port and not the focus of business for most of the shipping lines. This means you have less choices booking a vessel space, meaning possible delays;

2. The trans-shipment from Nanjing port to Shanghai port takes about a week 1) because they sometimes off-load your container from a smaller vessel and re-load again onto a bigger shipping vessel; 2) the vessel needs to wait in a que to berth at the Shanghai port and it parks there for 3-4 days to allow the containers on board; The trans-shipment means too many handlings on the container and it raises chances of damage to the belongings. 

3. There are very few experienced international movers based in Nanjing, so meaning you may not have the right people to do the packing and moving for you. It takes only 4 hours to drive from Shanghai to Nanjing. So our packers and moving crew can set off before 5AM, and arrive before 9AM to commence the packing. We would bring a containerized truck and drive back to Shanghai port in one day for a 20ft size worth of move. 

Benefit from our Shanghai office, we offer professional door to door moving services from Nanjing to abroad, or from anywhere else to Nanjing. Whether you are an expat moving to Nanjing or local Nanjing resident moving abroad, RapidWorld is the trustworthy Nanjing moving company you are looking for.

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Mr. Ge and his family is immigrating to Netherlands. They have a large number of nice furniture and belongings (40ft container worth) to move to Netherlands. Our Shanghai crew left warehouse around 5:30 in the morning and arrived his residence already at 9AM. It is exactly the same as our usual starting time for a move in Shanghai/Beijing. We had a big crew that day, 6 experienced packers and 2 juniors. The packing is finished before 6PM. It means our crew packed a 40ft container worth of goods in only 7 hours (from 9AM to 6PM with 1.5 hours lunch break).

If you also need moving services in Nanjing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With vast experience and quality moving partners around the globe, RapidWorld is able to offer best international movers in Nanjing and we can move you from Nanjing to anywhere. 

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