International Moving from Shanghai to Tampa, FL, USA /Mr. Adam R.

RWR International Movers: Shipping Personal Items & Effects from China to USRapidWorld is a leading international moving company in China offering both domestic and international removal/moving services to your satisfaction. 

On July 12, one of the hottest days this summer. We went to Mr. R’s apartment to pack and pick up his small but important shipment from Shanghai. His shipment is not a typical personal items shipment. Majority of his items are his collection of games around the world. Video games, board games, cards collection, vintage TV, Nintendo games, etc. These items means a lot to him and we took out time packing these items carefully.

There are one thing we would like to remind those who are planning to ship personal belongings to USA. The US customs randomly select shipments for inspection, and they charge an inspection fee if they do so. The inspection could be a simple x-ray scanning or physical inspection or both. The charges are usually around $100 to as high as $800. Extensive and intensive inspections could delay the customs and incur additional port storage & container demurrage costs.

And, since today we are talking about a shipment going to Florida, you need to know that it is strictly prohibited to include alcohol of any kind for a personal goods shipment to Florida. 

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