International Moving from Shanghai, China to Puebla, Mexico /Mr. Thomas W.

International Moving from China to Mexico (Shanghai to Puebla) /Mr. Thomas W. Many people are moving from China to Mexico. This is what we see in RapidWorld.

We have helped 5 families or young professionals move from China to Mexico since January, 2017. Much more than before. People are moving there because Mexico is offering better opportunities.

International Moving from Shanghai, China to Puebla, Mexico /Mr. Thomas W. - 20171017061914184

It is argubly to say that Mexico is beating China as a world manufacturer, although many foreign investments are leaving China for Mexico manufacturing industry because of the rapid growing labor costs in China. However, Mexico is absolutely becoming a global manufacturing power. The living expenses are low. It is closer to US. These are main reasons helping Mexico towards that way.

On the other side, Mexico is relatively big and geographically diverse, it offers all kinds of climates and spectacular sceneries. Whether your dream view involves gentle waves rolling on the blue ocean, majestic mountains, reflections of sunrise on a lake, or the lush greenery of the jungle, you can turn that dream into reality by moving to Mexico.

Mexico also offers the perfect mix of centuries-old traditions and contemporary lifestyles. People won’t get bored in Mexico.

Good job opportunities, laidback lifestyles, nice food…etc. All these are reasons of moving to Mexico. 

While a lot of things in Mexico are easy going, people are friendly, the transportation infrastructure is still long way to go and the Mexican customs are not easy to deal with. When you move your personal effects and household furniture from China to Mexico, you have to involve a professional moving company like RapidWorld, who has experiences and knows how to do moves to Mexico without any hassle.

Below are three of most important things we would do for you,

1. Consolidate the packed boxes into one wooden liftvan or several liftvans.

Mexico is big and most of the popular cities for work and living are far away from the two main ports, Manzanillo and Veracuz. This means when your sea shipment reaches one of these two ports, your goods will need to be transported by truck for hundreds of miles, sometimes even thousands of miles. The shipment would be handed through many parties on the way and maybe off-loaded and re-loaded onto connecting trucks one or couple of times. Having your boxes groupaged in a wooden liftvan is a great relief.

International Moving from Shanghai, China to Puebla, Mexico /Mr. Thomas W. - 20171017060640807
Picture: A typical wooden liftvan
International Moving from Shanghai, China to Puebla, Mexico /Mr. Thomas W. - 20171017060731261
Picture: Many would just use a pallet, but it is not enough for moving to Mexico

2. Make sure our customers don’t include new things in the shipment and if they do, we would re-pack them with used materials. 
There is general specific description of what we move and we call them “Used Household Goods and Personal Effects”. Many customs in the world keep one eye closed when they see some new items mixed in a shipment where most of the goods are used. No one gets hurt if you include one new pair of shoes, right? Mexican customs takes that description seriously. It is mentioned as “used”, so you can only take what is used. If you want to take some new things, buy them in Mexico or import them through commercial reasons and pay import duties!! Are you smiling? It is not funny. Someone in this industry had to have one container shipped back to China when the Mexican customs discovered a box of hotel slippers, which were new(very obvious because they were still in plastic packs.

3. Work out a good move and shipping schedule for non-Mexican customers. 
In order to clear the Mexican customs, the owner of the goods needs to have the FM3 visa. This visa needs to be exchanged with the entry visa you have before you fly there. The exchange process takes 45-60 days. Sometimes, people can clear the customs with a NUT number, but it still takes sometime. What is for sure is, the goods can not be shipped directly to Mexico unless you’ve already been working there for some time and all paperwork is done. To avoid this problem, RapidWorld can store the goods in Shanghai at our safe warehouse. 

Mr. Thomas W. is moving to Mexico to expand his business, same as many others do. 
He chose us because we gave him great sense of trust when we met him. Below are some on-site packing photos.

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